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Youth Sports Policy

Woodstock Recreation Center's Youth Sports Policy

Youth Sports Policy

The Woodstock Recreation Center makes an effort to inform all parents of Sports Schedules, Games changes etc… We always note on our website as well as in the office that all practice times and locations are subject to change. This is due to the fact that we rely completely on the generosity of our volunteer coaches; we do work around the schedules of our volunteers because without them our programs would not happen.
You will need to call us to confirm locations and times...
Any Practice time or location may change prior to the season beginning.
For cancellations of practice or games due to inclement weather we will make the decision by 2pm and we will call the Schools and have the announcement made.

The Woodstock Recreation Center philosophy incorporates the best of what youth sports need to be for all children. Our programs need to help all children to develop skills and values which will enable them to cope with changing levels of play. At the Rec. Center this needs to include programs which provide emotional and physical well being of all children participating within the groups they form. All children need to be treated as individuals, allowing for the large spread of emotional and physical development that is common within the same age group. All children, regardless of their ability or talent, will be given equal opportunity to participate.

The following principles will be applied in all Woodstock Recreation Center youth sports programs:

1. Youth sports will be child-centered, focusing on the physical and emotional development of the child.
2. Children will be respected as individuals, allowing for the large range of emotional and physical wellbeing, which is common within the same age group.
3. All participants shall be treated equally regardless of athletic ability or talent. All participants will play an equal amount of time as long as they follow the coaches guidelines.
4. The programs will be varied to provide a diversity of experiences for learning.
5. Practices, as well as games, should be an enjoyable, challenge learning experience for all participants.
6. Youth coaches and parents will accept the proposition that youth games are for the children and not for the glorification of adults.
7. Adults in coaching and leadership positions will lead by example, promoting and demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship.
8. The emotional and physical well-being of children participating in youth sports will take precedence over winning.