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Policy For use of the Woodstock Recreation Center


  1. All patrons are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with mature behavior.
  2. Rights of others must be respected.
  3. Profanity in or around the facility will not be tolerated.
  4. Public displays of affection are not permitted.
  5. Excessive rowdiness, fighting, damaging the facility or its equipment, not following the policy guidelines, or any inappropriate behavior will result in suspension from the facility and parents will be contacted. If necessary, the incident will result in the payment for damages and, depending upon the circumstances, may be reported to the police.



  1. No Smoking is allowed in or on the grounds of the Center.
  2. Absolutely no drugs, alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, including drug paraphernalia, or weapons are allowed in the Youth Center or surrounding areas.
  3. Anyone in the Center, or the surrounding area, who is suspected by our adult staff members of being under the influence of, or having used drugs, alcohol or any controlled substance, or is suspected of being in possession of drug paraphernalia or any weapon will have their parents called.
  4. Anyone found to be in possession of drugs, alcohol or any controlled substance, including drug paraphernalia or any weapon, while in the Center or the surrounding area, will be immediately reported to the Police, parents will be called, and the participant will be prohibited from using the Center.



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All patrons, including youth, and their parents, should read and agree to abide by these guidelines prior to utilizing the Woodstock Recreation Center.